Public Administration in Indonesia

by Rainer Rohdewohld

This is the first completely independent international guide to the labyrinth of Indonesia’s public administration. It gives a unique and valuable insight to the background, value system and processes of the Indonesian public service. It includes a review of the history, the functions and the structures of the Indonesian public service and answers such questions as: How does the Civil Service operate? Who are the leaders in the public sector? What are the driving forces of the public sector? Where are the challenges for the current administration?

The contents:

  • The Socio-Political environment of public administration
  • Functions, structures and processes of public administration in Indonesia
  • Regional and local administration
  • Decentralisation
  • The Indonesian Civil service – background, training, and culture
  • Budgeting and budgetary reform
  • Future and challenges for the Indonesian public sector

Who should be interested in this publication?

  • Academics and students wishing to access research on the Indonesian administration
  • Consultants, companies and other organisation who interact with Indonesia and the Indonesian government
  • Anyone with a desire to understand the workings of one of the world’s most populous countries and an emerging force in the most dynamic region.

ISBN:0 7326 0588 1, 200 pages, published 1995 by Montech Pty Ltd for the Graduate School of Government, Monash University, Melbourne