About Us

CiptaNet International (CIP) was incorporated in Melbourne, Australia, in 1996 as the structure for developing an international professional network of economists, accountants, governance and management consultants and like-minded reformers. The concept was initiated in Jakarta, Indonesia, by Graeme Macmillan and Rainer Rohdewohld – hence our title Cipta (pronounced Chipta) which means creative force in Bahasa Indonesia and Net for our ever growing international network of friends and colleagues around the World with shared ideals for improving government, governance and management of organisations within the public, private and social sectors.

CIP has contributed continuously to the advancement of good governance and excellence in management in many countries through our training courses, publications, research and consultancies.

Selected CIP programs and assignments include –

Training in International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSASs) and International Auditing and Assurance Standards (ISAs) for Ministry of Finance, Vietnam, and World Bank Fund Project In Vietnam ADB TA consultancy ‘Supporting Country Financial Accountability in Indonesia’ with the Indonesian Ministry of Finance. Production of initial Corporate Plan road map for Indonesian Ministry of Finance launched at Boroburdur Hotel, Jakarta, February 2004.

1996 CiptaNet International incorporated

1997 Conducted programs for senior executives from Indonesian State- owned enterprises (BUMNs) in Australia and New Zealand Example – ‘Public Sector Reforms – Commercialisation, Privatisation & Competition. ‘– June 1997
1998 Conducted seminars for local government executives – ‘Strategic Governance and Enterprise Management in local government: matching public policy with commercial reality’
2000 AusAID South Africa Capacity Building – ‘Budget Reform – Performance Measures in Service Delivery’ June ) and study Program for the South African Department of Public Service and Administration executives covering visits to Commonwealth, New South Wales and Victorian Premiers departments. Consultants undertook budget reform advice in South Africa. Conducted 7 courses under AusAID Indonesia Australia Strategic Training Program ‘Strategic Management in Local Government’ delivered in East Indonesia.
2001 Conducted program for Parliamentarians from Irian Jaya Papua Province in Australia and New Zealand
2002 Delivered AusAID Philippines Australia Strategic Training Course on ‘Change Management for Department of Interior and Local Government’, Government of the Philippines – in the Philippines. Strategic advice to the Ministry of Finance, Comptroller General’s Department, Thailand government on the Public Sector Accounting Framework including developing public sector accounting framework strategy, training modules on IPSASs and an accounting web site in Thailand
2003 Asian Development Bank (ADB) courses on ‘Accounting Train–the-Trainer Program’, for academic cohorts in South Asia and South East Asia. ADB-CAPA program designed for accounting academics from Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Mongolia and Cambodia. Delivered in Vietnam and Bangladesh. Study Tour on ‘Best Practice in Public Sector Enterprise’ for Indonesian local government executives. In Australia .Public sector accounting and Auditing Reform consultancy – in Nepal. Presentation to China National Audit Office representatives, ‘Developments in International Accounting and Auditing’ In Australia.
2004 ‘Good Practice in Public Sector Management’ Course for senior Indonesian BUMN executives in Australia. Vietnam, Auditing Standards Update Program, Ministry of Finance, Government of Vietnam, Hanoi, training in International Standards on Auditing (ISAs).8 AusAID IASTP courses on “Improving Public Accountability” for Indonesian regional governments In Indonesia
2005 Seminar ‘Best Value in Improving Performance of Indonesian Local Government’, Peningkatan Kinerja Pemerintah Daerah: Tren Lokal Dan Pengalaman Global, with Jakarta Institute of Finance. In Jakarta
2006 Symposium on road safety with Centre for Public Policy, The University of Melbourne, ‘Beating the Road Toll’ – a seminar on the causes, effects and reduction of road crashes. Melbourne. 6 AusAID/IASTP short courses ‘Public Accountability in Indonesia’ for regional governments in East Indonesia, Australia Indonesia Partnership for Reconstruction and Development (AIPRD). Consultancy on financial management of Basic Education Program (BEP) Probity of Financial Channelling, Management, Accounting and Auditing Consultant to Financial Reporting Council (FRC), The Department of Treasury, on Audit Quality Review Programmes of the professional accounting bodies related to independence
2007 7 courses for AusAID/Indonesia Australia Specialised Training Program III (IASTP III) ‘Accountability in Government Program’. In Indonesia Conducted Australia Iraq Joint Fact Finding in Finance Education visit for Iraqi executives from Iraq Ministry of Finance. In Australia
2008 Conducted AusAID/Rehabilitation Assistance Facility Iraq (RAFI) ‘Governance and Management Development Program’ (GMDP) Course. In Australia.
2010 Conducted course on Government Procurement Policy & Practices for BPKP, Indonesian State internal auditors. In Australia Conducted AusAID/Iraq Partnership Facility (IPF) Course on ‘Accounting, Budget & Economics’ for Iraqi Ministry of Finance executives. In Australia
2011 Conducted AusAID/IPF ‘Governance and Management Development’ (GMDP) program for for Iraqi Ministry of Finance executives. In Australia Conducted AusAID/IPF ‘Government Budgeting & Reporting’ course for the Iraq Ministry of Finance executives. In Australia

CIP continues to provide excellence in adult training for executives seeking to expand their knowledge in the latest governance and management techniques